Saturday, April 15, 2006

Kids Behind Bars

CNN Kids Behind Bars
February 2006

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PREDA is a charitable organization founded since the year 1974 in Olongapo City, Philippines. Its main goal and purpose is to promote and protect the dignity and the Human Rights of the Filipino people especially of women and children. The main focus of our work is to assist the sexually-exploited & abused children and provide for them an environment of acceptance and understanding in society. We are dedicated to changing the unjust structures in society that oppress, exploit & deny justice and human rights to children & women. We are a small but pro-active, not-for-profit organization with partners throughout the world networking with us to realize our goals and dreams of a better world for children.

The PREDA website introduces you to the PREDA Fair Trade activities which addresses the issues of poverty and strives to provide alternative livelihoods to the rural poor to help them prosper and live a life of dignity in their village homes. The Fair Trade website also provides a complete description with photos of all the products available for export.